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re-opening Letter to our students and families

Dear Students and Families,

Thank you for those of you who took the time to complete the survey. Your answers have really helped me design a better protocol for how we are planning to open the school. I received a wide variance of responses and I hope that the protocol will answer and address most of your concerns. If there are any further concerns or questions after reading through the protocol please let me know.

I know not everyone feels comfortable at this time to start coming back to the school and I totally understand that. Instead of jumping straight into re-opening, I decided to use a 4 Phase approach which will mirror Massachusetts phases. Therefore if Governor Baker decides to move forward we will move forward and if he decides to prolong or go back phase(s) then we shall do the same. I believe our 4 Phase approach, with our protocols set in place, will ease ourselves back into the rhythm and give everyone peace of mind about coming back.

I also want to emphasize that everyone’s safety is our top priority. We are a family here and I want everyone to be safe, healthy, and happy. Therefore I don’t want you to feel that you have to come right away when the school starts to open up to in-person classes. I prefer that you do what you are comfortable with and come back when you are ready. At the same time, I do not want you all to miss out just because you do not feel comfortable coming back. Therefore, I plan to live steam via Zoom our classes and do my best to offer our 1-hour virtual classes we have been doing. Ultimately, I hope to have everyone back at the school again, but I know this will be a process but I am sure we will get there.

Thank you all for staying with and supporting the school through all of this. I hope that everyone understands that we are a small business and we have been hit hard. The lack of performances and decreases in the monthly fees has made it difficult for the school. In addition, the landlord has not given us a break and our other bills just keep coming. I just wanted to let all those who have been continuing to pay the fee and contributed generously to the GoFundMe, that I will appreciate your generosity and your commitment to support the school. I hope by safetly and systematically re-opening the school at this time, I can keep our kung fu home in place and our family together.

As always I am open to questions, suggestions, and comments. Please feel free to contact me directly.




COVID19 Protocol

The purpose of this protocol is to provide the groundwork and structure for a safe and healthy environment in which our students and instructors can train. All instructors will be briefed and trained to execute this protocol. In addition, the protocol will be uploaded to the website and all students and parents are expected to review the protocol before attending their first class. Please click on the link below to view our protocol:


COVID 19 Protocol



Phase 1: All virtual zoom classes


Tots/Kids Class 3pm-4pm

Lion Dance Class 4pm-5pm

Teens/Adults Class 5pm-6pm


Phase 2: Open only to current students/Phase 3: Open to public


Tots/Kids Class 1pm-1:55pm

Lion Dance Class 2pm-2:55pm

1st Teens/Adults Class 3pm-3:55pm (highest rank instructor may allow students to continue to take 2nd class if appropriate)

2nd Teens/Adults Class 4pm-4:55pm



Tots/Kids Class 6pm-6:55pm

Teens/Adults Class 7pm-7:55pm


Class sign up Form

Please use this form to sign up for Lion Dance Class (limited to intially 6 may open to 9 later) and Teens/Adults Class (limited to 6).

Class sign up form



attendance clearance form

Please remember to fill out this form evertime before coming the school. If you fail any question please do not come to the school. We will contact you for how to proceed further. You will have to show the results of this form to the instructor at the door.


Attendance clearance form