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Our mission at Hung Gar Kung Fu and Lion Dance Academy is to provide the community with high quality traditional martial arts. We hope to cultivate the mind, body, and spirit through training, teamwork, and friendship. We strive to not only be members of a school, but become a family in a positive environment. Our family is one that will always be there for each other and for the academy. In our training, we emphasize obedience, discipline, and respect, hoping that these traits become a part of our daily lives. It is our goal that the academy, and all it has to offer, improves the community and lives of the students.


About Us


Our school was started by a few kung fu brothers who wanted to continue to preserve and continue the tradition and culture that was passed down to us. The goal was to start a school that would be self sustaining and that would leave a legacy for generations to come. Our hopes is to serve and grow our community, students and kung fu family. We are proud of what we have grown so far and are looking to grow even more as time goes on.


Traditional Hung Gar kung fu is the main style of martial arts taught at the school. We also train in the use of all kinds of techniques that span the northern and southern systems, as well as both internal and external styles. Our practice of kung fu is the result of centuries of expert masters who have roots stemming from the ancient schools of China. Through their dedication to finding the fullest potential of Hung Gar, these individuals laid out the foundation. We would like to share the teachings to all of you and continue to pass down the knowledge through the generations.

We wish to see children, teens and adults to grow mentally, physically, and develop a strong moral character through all the classes we offer.


Kung Fu means "excellence achieved through hard work", where we want everyone at our school to achieve excellence in all aspects.


about usinstructorsOur Story


SIFU chris Yee

Since Chris was a small child he always loved going to Chinatown and watching the lion dances during Chinese New Year. He always had a strong passion for lion dance and kung fu and ultimiately he found himself on a life long journey with martial arts. He began kung fu at the age of 5 learning Praying Mantis style. Years later, he would start learning under Grandmaster Winchell Woo for more than a decade and was a key member of the school and the performance team. He decided to open and manage this academy in Quincy with the help of his kung fu family. He hopes that his attention to details and his love for the art will help his students grow and become not only well rounded martial artists but also well-rounded people in their daily lives. Chris' goal is to make a lasting kung fu school to continue to share and spread our teachings, promote Chinese culture and traditions, and to support the community.


FUN FACT: Chris' full time job is serving the public at BIDMC as a Pharmacist and used to play badminton competitively!


HEAD Instructor kenrick

Kenrick began his martial arts training with Tae Kwan Do. After some time he was looking for something more and found Grandmaster Woo and has been learning under Grandmaster Woo for many years. Kenrick was a fast learner and excelled quickly through the curriculum. He soon became a passionate lion dancer and has now become the head lion dancer and instructor for the school. Becoming well-versed in both kung fu and lion dancing he is the a main leader of the school. Kenrick is seeking to help and improve each and every single student as much as he can.


FUN FACT: Kenrick is a passionate Jazz pianist and artist. Click here to check him out!


assistant Instructor Kenny li

Kenny initally joined the school solely wanting to learn martial arts but as time went on and he felt more part of the family he opened to learning anything the school offered. He wanted to become a key member of the school and he has. His effort to become better student and seek for constant improvement is insurmountable. His dedication to teach the children at the school is evident and he only wants the best for them. Kenny has grown since the first day he walked in the school and has become a crucial member as an Assistant Instructor and performance team member. Kenny seeks to help all the students grow and be a strong leader for the school.


FUN FACT: If you ever get the chance to eat with out school you will realize that Kenny is a blackhole and you will wonder where all the food goes and where it went!


assistant Instructor Chris Huynh

At a young age, Chris learned lion dance and kung fu very fast and his passion grew with it. His strong passion has ended allowed him to become a skillful martial artist and lion dancer. Chris seeks to passes along this same passion to each and every student he teaches in hopes to create even stronger students. Always making a willing effort to help out the school, he embodies the spirit and teaching of the school, proving time and time again to be a role model for the students at the school.


FUN FACT: Chris Huynh is called "Little Chris" because at one point there was so many people named Chris at our school we had to differentiate them and Chris was the littlest out of all of them. Now he's not so little and actually getting too tall to lion dance!


assistant lion dance Instructor evan

Evan has always had a passion for lion dancing since he was a young child. He came to the school looking to learn lion dance many years ago and has found a home at our school to where he can continue persuing his lion dance passion. Evan has become an intricate part of the performance team and the school and sought to promote the art and always finds a way to encourage his students and fellow team members.


FUN FACT: Even is currently serving in the National Guard; we thank you for your service.

about usinstructorsOur Story


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about usinstructorsOur Story