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Please visit our COVID section of the website to view more about our protocol set in place regarding our re-opening. If you are a new student and looking to try out a class we please ask you to contact us before visiting. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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Tots and Kids Class
(Ages 5 to 12)

6pm to 6:55pm
1pm to 1:55pm

Lion Dance Class

(All ages)

2pm to 2:55pm
7pm to 7:55pm

1st Class: 3pm to 3:55pm

2nd Class: 4pm to 4:55pm

All students are required to follow our COVID Protocol during this time.

Enrollment open all year round.

If there are any questions regarding classes please feel free to contact us or drop by.


We try our best not to cancel classes, but there are times we need to especially during inclement weather. Please pay attention to the homepage and also for texts and email sent by the school. If you never received an email or text when the school has been closed or you would like to double check, please call or email us at :
We thank your for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience towards these matters.

There are times that classes will be cancelled due to holidays or performances, here are the details:
Classes will be cancelled if there is a performance that day this is because the travel time and performance may take up most of the day and performances require the skill and talent of all of our instructors to be there. To see when performances are, please refer to the performance schedule below.

Classes will not be held on these holidays:

New Years Eve and Day December 31st and January 1st
Independence Day July 4th
Labor Day 1st Monday in September
Thanksgiving Day 4th Thursday in November
Christmas Eve and Day December 24th and 25th


Note: If instructors are available to teach on any of these days we will send out an announcement to open class.




Our location is very convenient for drivers and commuters. It is a straight 15 minute walk from Wollaston Station and a bus stop convenietly down the street. We are a 25 minute drive from Boston and there is plenty of street parking available.

Address: 46 Saint Anns Rd, Quincy MA 02170

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our location or if you have trouble finding it.


Tots ClassKids ClassTeens/Adults ClassLion Dance Class5 elements tai chi


Tots Class (Ages 5 to 8)

The beauty of martial arts is that it allows the practitioner to use all parts of their body. Our emphasis in our Tots Class is to use martial arts and other methods, such as games and team exercises, to help the students discover how to control and use their body. We also emphasize self discipline, respect and perseverance. We try to make our Tots Classes fun while still being beneficial and constructive. This in hopes will help the student to be self motivated to come and learn. The class is also designed to work on teamwork and gives the students the opportunity to create lifelong friendships. This class creates the groundwork for young kids to have a strong start for their training.

Tots ClassKids ClassTeens/Adults ClassLion Dance Class5 elements tai chi


Kids Class (ages 9 to 12)

Our Kids Class has many of the same emphasis of our Tots Class, but with more attention to the refinement of actions. We focus on improving balance, strength, and accuracy. Many students find that by doing kung fu they are better in other sports and physical activities. This is because kung fu is dynamic and requires you one to use every part of their body. We reinforce discipline, respect, and perseverance not only when practicing kung fu but in daily life. At this age, we expect our students to be able to understand and learn life skills that will follow with them forever and prepare them for success in and out of the school. We also encourage students in the Kids Class to join our lion dance class as this is the perfect age to start and be part of a cultural tradition. To learn more about our lion dance class click here.


Tots ClassKids ClassTeens/Adults ClassLion Dance Class5 elements tai chi


Teens/adults class (Ages 13+)

Our Teens/Adults Class offers our whole Hung Gar Kung Fu curriculum (forms, weapons, chi gong, etc). At this class we expect all of our students to be able to appreciate the complexities and subtleties of Hung Gar over their time practicing and learning. We emphasize practicing Mind, Body and Spirit in and outside of the school. In this class we do not only offer forms, but practical application as well. We show and teach how an ancient art has the ability to be practical and useful as self defence in current day application. Everything emphasized in the Kids and Tots Class is still emphasized, such as discipline, respect, and perserverance. In addition, we emphasize about learning and preserving our traditions and preparing our students for what is coming up in their lives, whether is college or transitioning careers, by teaching them life skills and being able to bring aspects of their training into their own lives. We want out students to know that kung fu is not only about training in flexibility, strength, fighting skills, and forms, but also goes far beyond with training our mind and strengthening our spirit for what is to come in life.

Many of our students from this class also participate in the lion dance class, we encourage all students who are interested or want to learn more to join our lion dance class.


Tots ClassKids ClassTeens/Adults ClassLion Dance Class5 elements tai chi 


Lion dance class

In 2018 at the 1st United States Dragon and Lion Dance Federation Tournament, we were the top team from Boston and were bested by teams from Houston and Hawaii. We are always looking and welcoming of new members! Come join us today!

Our lion dance class teaches all aspects of lion dance. It promotes teamwork, discipline, dedication, perserverence in a team environment. Lion Dance uses the strong foundation of kung fu to perform many acrobatic actions. Every student learns all aspects of lion dance, but eventually will most likely specialize in a certain area. Lion Dance does not just involve physical dancing but it requires learning about music too. We teach about rhythm, beat and tempo. Many of our students find lion dancing fun even though it is hardwork. We are constantly looking for new members to join our team. It is strongly recommended that those who participate in the lion dance take their respective kung fu class as kung fu is the foundation of lion dance.


Tots ClassKids ClassTeens/Adults ClassLion Dance Class5 elements tai chi


5 Elements tai chi

Five Elements Tai Chi was created by Grandmaster Winchell Ping Chiu Woo in the 1980's when he was teaching in Springfield, Massachusetts. It was a joint venture between Grandmaster Woo's Springfield Martial Art Research Center and the Tiger Crane Tai Chi Association at Harvard University. Its name is based on an ancient Chinese philosophical understanding of the Universe's nature being made up of the basic Five Elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

Each element has a unique power special to its nature, exhibiting a unique relationship with the other elements. One of them may either mutually reinforce or neutralize another. In order to correct the excesses and deficiencies of the martial art techniques based on the Five Elements, Grandmaster Woo’s Tai Chi combines Tai Chi Yin Yang theories with the Five Elements philosophy. Additionally, he has adapted Hung Gar Kung Fu's fighting techniques for the form. In short, Five Element martial philosophy, Yin/Yang theory, and Hung Gar skills are the heart and foundation of this style.

The theories, techniques, and basic structure of Five Elements Tai Chi originate from the martial arts of the Lingnan area in southern China. These styles have an ancient history coming from the Southern Shaolin Buddhist Temple. The most significant styles led to the forming of the "Hung, Liu, Choi, Li, and Mo" kung fu systems, which are named after the five famous masters of southern Chinese martial arts.

The essence of Tai Chi practice is the development and use of the body's internal energy, Chi. How Chi transforms, moves through the body, and works as a living force is explained and symbolized by the Five Elements philosophy merged with the Yin and Yang theory. The mutual reinforcement and restraint among the Five Elements techniques create an extreme power when utilized correctly. The methods Grandmaster Woo created can consistently express and convert a person's internal power to external power of both linear and circular force. It teaches how to use Hung Gar's external bridge hand techniques and the classical movements of the five animals and five elements as fighting tools of internal power. Strikes, kicks, throws, joint locks, etc. are all integrated into the soft and flowing movements of the form. While the martial applications of the form may not be obvious, they form the core of the style.

The philosophy of Five Elements Tai Chi is to naturally promote the health of the body. Tai Chi does this through practicing the movements, performing martial art techniques, and using authentic Taoist Qigong breathing methods. Mastering proper breathing is essential to directing the Chi to travel around the human body's 12 chi meridians and the 108 major points. Through the exercises, one can achieve a balance of yin and yang and maintain good health. Frequent practice of the Five Element Tai Chi form will promote healthy heart function, improve the respiratory system, enhance blood circulation, and reinforce the body's metabolism.

Five Elements Tai Chi is a unique system with its forms and actions different in many ways from other styles of Tai Chi. The end result of practicing Five Element Tai Chi is better health, the cultivation of internal power, and a superior knowledge of effective self-defense.


Tots ClassKids ClassTeens/Adults ClassLion Dance Class5 elements tai chi