Make your event one of a kind!

Our Performance team

Our performance team has decades of experience performing lion dance, drum routine, and martial arts demonstrations. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to adapt to many situations and our professionalism. We always strive to provide a high quality performance that fits your needs for you event. Our team is available all year round and are all members of the school that volunteer their time to the school for these performances.

We have performed for numerous organizations and private events which some include:

  • Moderna
  • Franklin Park Zoo
  • Wellesley Veterans' Parade
  • Quincy Flag Day
  • Boston Chinatown Festivals by the CCBA and Chinatown Main Street
  • QARI Lunar New Year and August Moon Festival
  • Lowell Folk Festival
  • Westford Library
  • Merrimack Premium Outlets
  • South Shore Plaza
  • Boston Public Schools
  • Chinese Merchant Association
  • Gee How Oak Tin Association
  • Vietnamese Association
  • Belmont Chinese American Association
  • UMASS Lowell
  • Emanuel College
  • Wheaton College
  • Brandeis University
  • Worcester Polytechnical Institute (WPI)


Lion Dance

Lion dances are traditionally performed during Chinese New Year to bless restaurants and homes but it can be done for any event! It is a eye catching, high energy, colorful and musical event to add onto any event. We can customise the lion dance to your needs and venue and create a extra special moment at your event.


Lion dances are auspiciously known to ward off negative energies and shower the audience with good luck and prosperity. Lion dances are a great way to open an event with a bang and get everyone excited for the rest of your event or if you are opening a new business or having a wedding with your significant other, no better to start off the next journey of your life with some extra luck with a lion dance!


We often perform lion dances for:

  • Chinese/Lunar New Year Business or Home Blessings
  • Chinese/Lunar New Year Events
  • Grand Openings
  • Weddings/Tea Ceremonies
  • Corporate Events
  • Parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Gatherings
  • Holidays
  • Parades
  • Festivals
  • Stage Performances


Usually lion dance routine will last around 10 minutes more or less with plently of photo opportunities! For parades and larger events more time is used to walk around and interact with the crowd. As always we will try out best to customize the performance to your needs, please reach out to us for your next event!


Drum Routine

Our drum routine shows off our musical talent! The drum routine is a high energy and loud performance that will show off different style of lion dance drumming. The routine can be mixed with lion dance and kung fu performance to create an awesome well rounded performance. Drum routines are perfect for any event but especially good at festivals to attract people over to the performance stage.


Drum routines are a powerful event and helps ward away negative energy and make a strong statement for a strong start to your event. It is a great way to highlight and give appreciation to the musical part of the lion dance.


Drum routines can be done at any event and are around 5 minutes long. As always we will try out best to customize the performance to your needs, please reach out to us for your next event!


Kung Fu

Want to share an art that dates back centuries? Our kung fu performances shows off both our Southern Hung Gar style with elements of Northern Kung Fu as well. Not only do we do hand forms but we also perform traditional Chinese weapons. Usually we end our kung fu performances with a Chi Gong performance which consist of bending spears or flying chopsticks. This is truly a performance that should not be missed!


Kung Fu performances can be as short as 5 minutes to an average of 10 minutes and even extend for much longer. As always we will try out best to customize the performance to your needs, please reach out to us for your next event!


scheduling and Pricing

We accept performances all year round but during Chinese New Year season (a month before and after the first day of Chinese New Year) we get booked extremely fast so please book us ahead of time to secure your spot.


We do our best to fit within peoples budgets, so please contact us for pricing. Please understand that performance fees need to cover wear and tear of our expensive equipment, travel expenses and food expenses for feeding the school members who donate their valuable time. If any profit is made off of these performances they go directly back to the school to help sustain it. To inquire about a performance please email us at: or go to our contact page