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about our summer program (pre-k to 5th grade)



Looking for a summer program to keep your kids active while keeping their minds stimulated? Our summer program incorporates science, mythology, traditional kung fu and lion dance everyday!

Children will be immersed in traditional cultural kung fu and lion dance class in the morning. This is where they will build discipline, learn how to control and move their body, and build physical and mental strength. In addition, there will be a lot of team building with their peers with a lot of fun group activites. These group activities will be both indoor and outdoor in different environments. We will plan small local adventures and your child will have plenty of time to enjoy the summer season while strengthening and building their mind, body and spirit!

Later in the day, children will explore how science and mythology make sense of the Natural world. They will enjoy solving design challenges and sharing their understanding of how Nature works. Children will meet real animals and mythological ones.

Our summer camp is lead by Mr. Springer who is an experienced elementary school teacher teaching science in the Newton Public Schools for many years and now teaches Pre K to 5th grade in Boston Public Schools, with him are Hung Gar Kung Fu and Lion Dance Academy instructors who will serve as the summer program counselors.


If there are any questions about the summer program please email us at or call us at 978-656-1866.

About our Summer ProgramSchedulestaffFees and Registration




Our summer program runs on a weekly basis with different themes for science and mythology every week.

Typical Day (8am to 4pm):

8:00 Drop Off (please do not drop of children prior to this time)

8:30 Planning and Sharing Time/Theme Study Intro 9:00 Kung Fu Training

10:00 Snack (included in the fee)

10:30 Activity Time (indoor or outdoor activity)

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Theme Study

1:15 Lion Dance Training

2:15 Theme Study

3:00 Activity Time (indoor or outdoor activity)

3:45 Planning and Sharing Time

4:00 Pick Up (please pick up by 4:30pm, if not picked up by that time fees will be incurred)


Activity Time

This time is set for the students to go enjoy the great outdoors or spend sometimes bonding with the other children over a fun game or activity. Some days we will go on a local adventure and see what we can find in our beautiful city of Quincy. As long as the weather is nice we will do our best to get your kids out into nature and have some fun. Whether it's exploring the local creek, library, or play ground this time is designiated for your child to enjoy the summer!


If budget and time permits, we may go to further places to explore. Such as a state park, local pool, aquarium or zoo! We want to do our best to make sure your children get an experience that is truly memorable!

Planning and Sharing Time
Planning and Sharing Time is when we plan for or recap the entire day, so everyone is on the same page. It is also an opportunity for children to share parts of the day they especially enjoyed or the accomplishments they made. This time fosters unity and friendship as a group.
Kung Fu and Lion Dance Training
Your children are immersed in a rich cultural and traditional experience learning kung fu and lion dance. While kung fu and lion dance are fun, exciting, and dynamic activities, little will they know they will learn much more than just that. Here they will learn how to move their bodies accurately and control and balance their movements and strength. They will build self-confidence and discipline while fostering bonds with their peers. There will be group activities where they will work on teamwork, respect, and learn to be selfless. They will learn self and team perseverance. Kung fu and lion dance works to strengthen one's mind, body, and spirit, while, hopefully, creating life long friendships.
Theme Study
Your children will be discovering mythological creatures and exploring natural sciences. Filled with visuals and interactive, engaging activities such as creating their own ecosystems, designing a Mars base, or maybe even having the opportunity to meet a Leopard Gecko, there are exciting activities throughout every week. Our teacher, Mr. Springer, has been teaching for many years in Newton and Boston Public Schools, and his lessons incorporate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Learning. He is always striving to provide the students with an entertaining, engaging, and educational Theme Study every time.

Theme Study Topic

Week 1:

July 1st +

July 5th-8th

Animals & Habitats
Meet the Chinese Zodiac Animals
Explore adaptations and basic needs; Design a Zoo Exhibit

Week 2:

July 11th-15th

Underwater Worlds
Meet the Naga from India
Explore saltwater and freshwater ecosystems; Design a Submarine

Week 3:

July 18th-22nd

Light & Sound
Meet the Chi lin, the Chinese unicorn
Explore the physics of energy; Design a communications sender

Week 4:

July 25th-29th

Meet the Asian Dragon
Explore the water cycle and earth science; Design a Water Purifier

Week 5:

August 1st-5th

Amphibians & Reptiles

Meet the Kappa from Japan

Explore this wonderful class of vertebrates; Design a tadpole farm and a new reptile.

Week 6:

August 8th-12th

Structure and Chinese Lion
Learn more about the Chinese Lion
Explore how great structures are built; Design your own structure and test it!

Week 7:

August 15th-19th

Meet the Asian Dragon
Explore the creatures of the past; Design a Dinosaur

Week 8:

August 22nd-26th

Outer Space
Meet the Fenghuang, a celestial bird
Explore our solar system; Design a Mars Base

*Hung Gar Kung Fu and Lion Dance Academy Summer Program reserves the right to make adaptations and changes to the schedule


If there are any questions about the summer program please email us at or call us at 978-656-1866.

About our Summer ProgramSchedulestaffFees and Registration





Summer Program Academic Instructor: Mr. Springer

Mr. Springer has lived a life of teaching from his former days as a Newton Public School teacher teaching science and history to countless of fifth-grade classes, to now teaching science in a Boston Public School for grades Pre-K through 5th grade. Mr. Springer's life is dedicated to teaching and to his students, which makes him a key component of our summer program.

He has explored various exciting places in the world, such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia, touched Stonehenge in England, gazed at a sunset in Santorini, Greece, and counted the terracotta warriors in Xi’an, China. With each place he goes, he takes a little piece back with him and a wealth of knowledge to share with his students.

On his off time, you can find him with his son exploring museums, watching nature, or even at the kung fu school. He is often taking time to take care of the various amphibians and fishes he has at home.

Mr. Springer is devoted to each and every student that comes to our summer program. He hopes he can help foster a passion for learning for everyone and seeks to provide a unique, enjoyable, and educational experience for all that come to our summer program.


Summer Program Counselor: Kenny Li

Kenny has been an intrical part of our school from our performance team to teaching and running the Kids Class for the past many years. He is dedicated to his students and wants to be able to give them the best teaching he can possible give. Currently, Kenny is at UMass Boston majoring in Engineering. Kenny has always been a high achiever and an excellent role model for the younger students at the school. He is excited to start this summer program with your kids and hopes they find love in what they are learning and find a passion in lion dancing and kung fu!


Summer Program Counselor: Jimmy Ton

Jimmy has always had a passion for lion dancing and has wanted to share it to everyone he has met. Throughout his life Jimmy has been a Youth Group Leader through is Buddhist Temple and has helped at various other summer programs over the years. Jimmy is dedicated to the preservation and growth of lion dancing especially with the younger generation. He currently studies at UMass Boston. Jimmy has a high moral compass and is looking forward to the future summer program students to learn the same core values!


About our Summer ProgramSchedulestaffFees and Registration



fees and registration

SIGN UP BEFORE 05/15/2022 AND ONLY PAY $290/week

Enrollment is open until June 12th, 2022. Any interest in enrollment after June 12th, 2022 please contact us.


Full Day (8am to 4pm): $360 per 1 week session

If interested about Half Day enrollment please contact us at: 


Check out the discounts!

1. If you sign up for 5 weeks or more: $15 off per week


2. Current students since 2021: $15 off per week


3. Pay in cash, take off 5% off the full amount!


4. Early Sign Up Discount: Sign up before 05/15/2022 only pay $290 per week! Save $70 a week


Full Payment is required to reserve your spot and will be due soon after you submit your form. Once we review your form and approve your registration we will send you an invoice and we will give you further instructions on how you can get the payment to us.


Please email, mail, or fill out the online form to enroll into our summer program:




Email forms at:


Please mail forms to:

Hung Gar Kung Fu and Lion Dance Academy

46 Saint Anns Rd, Quincy MA 02170

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If there are any questions about the summer program please email us at or call us at 978-656-1866.


About our Summer ProgramSchedulestaffFees and Registration